Friday, July 27, 2012

YOU fail. Roller set?

I know how hard you tried, and how long it took, but I am just not that type of hair.  Too bad, soo sad.

I actively resisted for a while.  I admit, your low heat and tension were quite persuasive here and there.  But mostly NO. I dried off alright, and for a moment I was even a little afraid that for all my resistance you may be able to pull off this roller set.

Then... you stopped.  HA.
Did you really think that you had changed me so soon?  That you had somehow convinced me to lay flat and stop touching myself ALL OVER... Now you know how much I like to touch myself.  All over.  tsk tsk.

Better luck next time.  2 hours is a yawn and a cough.
This updo I'm in is brave though.  A little clever, yes, but brave in that you only have these 3 pins on the left.  I hope you know that I've managed to loosen them all up about 25% already. 

I'll see you in the mirror at 3:30 so we can freak out together.

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