Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ignoring me?

So you think you can just roll out of bed without saying a word to me??  You know I didn't mean it, the other day.  I just CAN'T stay like that.  hey! 
You didn't even look in the mirror!!

What if I were thirsty? or hungry?  What if I have decided to begin the locking process as you slept?
You know, I have thought about it on numerous occasions...
Maybe today is the day.


You aren't even listening.

Everyone can see me.  I AM right above your FACE after all.
But you don't care.
Is it something specific I've done?  I know I have a "strong personality" at times, but I know I make you laugh and smile sometimes too.  The way I accent your cheek bones, or your eyes?  not today huh?  You don't need me?

Well, I guess I will chill out for now.  you can't be mad at me forever.  Is that it for real?  You're mad at me?

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