Friday, August 24, 2012

I don't care about your face

I shall fall in your eyes,
mock the shape of your head,
blow in your lip gloss,
add a lovely sheen to your forehead.

I will swell in all the wrong places to accentuate your wide nose,
or your small eyes. 
I might even drop a sole soldier on your check or eyelid, and there it shall remain, looking like an insect until you see it hours later.

And when you least expect it, I will lie inexplicably flat. That should alter the entire look you were going for with that face paint you just put on.

Today, however, I am just a part of you.
I belong here.
I make your eyes sparkle like the sheen I emit.
I make your cheekbones pop and make your generous lips perch righteously under your nose.

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